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About ScreenAmerica

ScreenAmerica is a founding member of the biometric measurement industry. With over four decades of industry leadership we provide service to over 40 diverse customer markets. ScreenAmerica has a proven track record of working with its customers to promote user wellness, health, and safety.

What Machine Is Right For You?

A HealthStation is the most cost effective tool in the area of biometric screening. Proactive biometric screening is an invaluable way for users to monitor their major health risk factors.Research has proven that proactively identifying hypertension and other major health risk factors saves lives. Early identification of major risk factors can also result in a tremendous reduction in health care costs. Providing a HealthStation is also a cost effective and efficient way to keep users aware of their health and comply with doctor's orders.
There are several different categories of HealthStations. From very simple and economical two button units to complex, interactive, touch screen and internet accessible units.

Basic HealthStation units are an extremely cost effective and simple to use biometric screening system. Units in this category are typically designed as compact stand-alone units. These workhorse units are renowned for their accuracy, reliability and durability.

Deluxe HealthStation units are typically designed to utilize advanced features to reveal a more in-depth snapshot of the users' health. These Class II medical devices provide a comprehensive and interactive solution for testing and screening of essential biometrics. Deluxe units allow users to further improve their health by interacting with educational materials related to their biometric measurements.